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BSC Komfort-Lüftungsmodul KL-MOD

BSC Comfort ventilation module KL-MOD

for BSC RWA control centers

Delivery time 12 - 15 Working days
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The KL-MOD comfort ventilation module is an extension module for our SHEV control panels... more

The KL-MOD comfort ventilation module is an extension module for our SHEV control panels (2A-1-1, 5A-1-1, 10A-4-1, 20A-4-1, 15A-1-1 24 V / 36 V, 30A (20A)-2-1 24 V / 36 V, 60A (40A)-4-1 24 V / 36 V, 75A (50A)-5-1 24 V / 36 V and the modular technology MC and MC 60 in 24 V / 36 V). If the module is plugged in, additional ventilation functions can be used.

Stroke limitation
The stroke limitation is activated by setting the "Stroke limitation" DIP switch to the "ON" position. The "Continuous" ventilation mode setting must be set in the SHEV control panel setup. When the ventilation pushbutton is actuated in the "Open" direction, the ventilation motor is only activated for the time set on the "Stroke" potentiometer, resulting in a limitation of the opening width. The opening time can be set from 5 - 35 seconds (potentiometer "Stroke"). If the DIP switch "2 x stroke" is actuated, the set opening time can be controlled twice. However, the ventilation pushbutton must also be actuated twice for this.

"Closing" automatic
The "Closing" automatic is activated by the "Closing-Autom." DIP switch in the "ON" position. The ventilation motor is automatically closed again after a previously set time (rotary potentiometer "Closed") has elapsed. The time can be set from 5 - 35 minutes. It starts directly after the last move command.

Installation and slot selection
Please refer to the control panel documentation when selecting the slot. Before installation, the system must be disconnected from the power supply. Now the two plastic guides must be pressed into the desired slot. Now the module can be inserted. Switch on the voltage again and test the function. If a KL-MOD is to apply to several ventilation groups, the setup of the central unit must be adapted. The necessary information for this is contained in the central controller documentation.

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